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Aqua Computer launches the Cuplex Kryos Next sTRX4 FC water block

Aqua Computer has announced a new water block for the Threadripper platform. The Cuplex Kryos Next sTRX4 FC was initially set to release in 2018, but production was postponed. This meant the block was initially designed for the Threadripper 2000 series of processors, but Aqua Computer redesigned it for AMD's latest HEDT platform.

Offering a massive 51x45mm copper base, with 0.2mm microstructure spacing, “all” the components of the Cuplex Kryos Next sTRX4 FC water block are CNC-manufactured in Germany. The contact surface is nickel-plated and then polished to ensure the best possible heat transfer. Additionally, the 69mm spacing between the G1/4 threads should allow users complete freedom when it comes to choice of fittings.

This water block will be available in three models: acetal, plexiglass, and plexiglass with an integrated “Vision OLED” display. Both plexiglass models have RGBpx lighting that can be synchronised with most motherboard RGB software, including Asus Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light Sync, among others.

The acetal model has a housing made from a solid block of acetal. The standard plexiglass model is made of plexiglass GS and uses a black anodised aluminium frame surrounding the plexiglass block. The plexiglass model with an integrated Vision display is very similar to the standard plexiglass model, with the addition of an integrated temperature sensor and a USB connector for the OLED display.

The plexiglass and acetal models of the Cuplex Kryos Next sTRX4 FC water block are available now, priced at €109.90 and €79.90, respectively. The plexiglass model with the Vision display and RGB lighting will be available at a later date, priced at €139.90. You can learn more about these water blocks on Aqua Computer's official webstore.

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KitGuru says: Do you plan to build a custom cooled Threadripper system? Which Cuplex Kryos Next sTRX4 FC version do you prefer? 

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