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Corsair expands line-up with new custom cooling kits and water blocks

To ease the process of building your own custom liquid loop, Corsair is launching two new CPU custom cooling kits featuring RGB Pro components. Additionally, Corsair is also launching the XM2 M.2 SSD white water block, the same featured on the MP600 Pro XT Hydro X Edition SSD.

The two new kits, the Corsair iCue XH303i RGB Pro and XH305i RGB Pro, include all the materials and components needed to build a hardline custom liquid loop for your CPU while also offering expandability to add a GPU water block. The components come in either black or white colour options.

Each kit includes an XC7 RGB Pro CPU water block compatible with Intel LGA 1700/1200 and AMD AM4 chips, a 30 mm-thick XR5 360mm radiator, hardline tubing and fittings. In addition, these kits also come with a cutting/bending kit, 1-litre of pre-mixed XL8 performance coolant (clear) and an iCue RGB controller.

The main difference between these kits is the pump/reservoir combo and the fans. The XH303i RGB Pro kit comes with an XD3 RGB combo and 3x SP120 RGB Elite fans, making it the best choice for compact builds with limited space. As for the XH305i RGB Pro, it features an XD5 RGB combo and 3x QL120 RGB fans, more suitable for cases with more space.

Besides the cooling kits, Corsair has also released the XM2 white water block for M.2 SSDs. The block can also be found pre-installed on the new MP600 Pro XT Hydro X Edition SSD. You can see our video on the MP600 Hydro X SSD HERE.

Both kits and the white XM2 water block are now available to purchase. The Corsair iCue XH303i RGB Pro goes for £459.99, while the XH305i RGB Pro costs £559.99. Lastly, the XM2 water block in white will put you back £34.99.

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