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Enermax announces the LIQMAXFLO AIO with VRM cooling and new pumps

Enermax introduces the LIQMAXFLO series, its first AIO CPU cooler with a VRM fan. Featuring Enermax's new Dual-Chamber Xtreme pump and the latest silent fans the company has released, the new coolers aim to deliver cool and quiet performance.

The LIQMAXFLO series has intelligent PWM on its VRM fans, radiator fans, and pump to improve cooling performance and ensure quiet operation. The series also employs Enermax's newest Silent Flow PWM fans, which operate at just 23.46 dBA. The addition of a 60mm VRM fan inside the water block increases its cooling capability by improving air circulation within the system and effectively lowering the temperatures of the CPU VRMs and surrounding components on the motherboard. Furthermore, the pump cover is magnetically attachable, allowing the logo's position to be altered by 90°. Different pump cover choices will also be available soon.

The LIQMAXFLO series is the first AIO cooler equipped with ENERMAX's Dual-Chamber Xtreme pump. This new pump delivers a stunning 8°C decrease in thermal output under a 250W load when compared to the previous generation. This improvement comes from ENERMAX's proprietary Shunt-Channel technology, a larger coolant intake, and an optimised flow design, which resulted in a 30% increase in total pump pressure and a 20% increase in coolant flow rate. In addition, the LIQMAXFLO has a 38mm-thick square-design radiator for higher coolant capacity. To ensure a longer lifetime, an extra 100ml coolant bottle is included in the box. Customers will also benefit from the 400mm robust tubing, pre-applied premium Dow Corning TC-5888 thermal grease, and clamps for both tube and cable.

The LIQMAXFLO series provides 240, 360, and 420 radiator variants. ENERMAX also launched the LIQMAXFLO SR series, an entry-level range of AIO CPU coolers with 120, 240, and 360 radiators with 27mm thickness and non-RGB fans. The LIQMAXFLO series is now available, with the SR models starting at $79.99 for the 120mm model, $89.99 for the 240mm model, and $109.99 for the 360mm model. The standard LISMAXFLO comes in at $109.99 for the 240mm variant and $129.99 for the 360mm variant. Pricing for the LIQMAXFLO 420 is still unknown.

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