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Gamdias unveils new AIO liquid coolers with rotating LCD displays

Gamdias has recently introduced the Chione M4, a series of AIO liquid coolers featuring 2.1-inch LCD displays. The standout part here is that the display is rotational, so there are no limits on where you have to mount the AIO in your system to get everything oriented correctly. These coolers also utilise an in-line pump, 32mm thick radiators and hydraulic ARGB fans. 

The Chione comes in a range of models. The M4-240 and M4-360 were designed to provide exceptional airflow performance with 120mm ARGB PWM fans that run up to 2000RPM and produce up to 69.01 CFM of airflow. For even greater cooling power, there's the M4-420, which comes with 140mm ARGB PWM fans that work at up to 1600RPM and offer up to 90 CFM of airflow.

One of the key features of the Chione is its 2.1-inch LCD panel on the water block. This panel provides real-time metrics for CPU temperature, fan speed, and pump speed, allowing you to monitor your system's performance when configured via the Chione Cast Lite software. Alternatively, you can also display GIFs, images, or monitor components.

The Chione also features an in-line PWM pump that provides consistent liquid circulation, effectively cooling down your CPU while minimising vibrations for quiet and steady operation. Thanks to the dense, 32mm thick radiator, your system should remain cool even during lengthy gaming sessions.

KitGuru says: Have you ever used a product from Gamdias? What do you think of the new Chione M4 AIO liquid coolers?

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