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Intel Arrow Lake-H mobile CPU featuring 6 P-Cores and 8 E-Cores spotted

Intel plans to unveil its Meteor Lake processors next month, but it has already started to send samples of its successor, Arrow Lake, to some of its partners. At least that seems to be the case based on the shipping manifests that have appeared online, where you can see an Arrow Lake-H mobile CPU featuring 6x P-Cores and 8x E-Cores listed among other CPUs.

According to @harukaze5719, the Arrow Lake sample on the shipment featured the same CPU core configuration as the flagship Meteor Lake chip, meaning it has six P-Cores and eight E-Cores. The chip is labelled with GT2 graphics, just like the Meteor Lake SKUs.

The Arrow Lake-H series will succeed the 14th Gen Core-H series, replacing it in the 45W TDP power segment. While Meteor Lake is geared towards lightweight computers, Arrow Lake is designed for greater performance, meaning we should see these processors featured in gaming systems and portable workstations. As previously reported, Intel Arrow Lake will utilise Meteor Lake's updated GPU architecture Xe-LPG+ based on discrete Xe-HPG Alchemist. On the other hand, the CPU part is fundamentally different, dependent on Lion Cove and Skymont cores. The product should be based on the Intel 20A node for the CPU tile.

Intel Arrow Lake is expected to debut on desktops next year. However, considering Intel's past release history, the laptop variants should appear in early 2025.

KitGuru says: Given how far off we are from the launch of Arrow Lake, there is a good chance that any specs we see now aren't final. With that said, we should learn plenty over the course of 2024. 

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