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ModMyMods releases the ModWater premium coolant

ModMyMods has announced that ModWater PC coolant is now available from the company's online store. Just as its name suggests, ModWater is a coolant designed for PCs with custom water-cooling systems that should ensure the safety and longevity of the system's components.

ModWater is purified through a specifically designed “in-house water purification/de-ionisation system” to deliver the “most pure, unadulterated” coolant to protect water-cooling systems.

Featuring a non-toxic formula (pet and human safe), biocide/fungicide (for extreme cooling), protection against metal corrosion and anti-freeze, compatibility with PETG tubing, a neutral pH ranging from 6 to 8, and a shelf life of 3 years, ModWater coolant is tested to guarantee its “its low-conductivity before every batch”. At the time of bottling the coolant, ModMyMods states that the ppm (parts per million) of total dissolved solids never exceeds the value of 0.05ppm, creating what the company claims is one of the purest coolants on the market.

The protection features come from a “unique blend of additives”, to ensure the safety of the customer investment. ModMyMods' objective was to create a coolant for modders just like them – the coolant has been in development for more than a year, and it's made, tested and bottled in the USA.

The ModWater Ultra Pure and the ModWater PC coolant are available now in different quantities (1 litre or 19 litres) with different options available – such as clear, green-UV, red-UV, blue-UV, and clear-UV (blue-based). 1 litre of ModWater Ultra Pure costs $4.99, and 1 litre of ModWater PC coolant is priced at $8.99, while 19 litres cost $124.99 (clear only). You can buy the ModWater and respective coolants at ModMyMods' official store.

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