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Noctua launches all-black CPU cooler and fans

While Noctua is primarily known for its brown and beige colour scheme, the company has been experimenting with a variety of colour combinations in recent years through its Chromax line of coolers and fans. This week, Noctua launched black Chromax versions of the NF-A12x25 fan, the NH-U12A CPU cooler, as well as the NA-HC7 and the NA-HC8 heatsink covers.

The new Chromax NF-A12x12 fan offers the same performance as the standard model, but instead of coming with Noctua's usual brown and beige theme, it has an all-black frame and blades and comes with red, white, blue, green, grey, yellow and black anti-vibration pads, so you can choose whatever colour looks best in your system. To further customise its looks, there will also be coloured cables and anti-vibration mounts sold separately. The Chromax NF-A12x25 is now available for $32.90/€32.90.

The NH-U12A CPU cooler is also receiving the Chromax treatment, featuring a black coloured single-tower heatsink and 2x Chromax NF-A12x12 fans, the new CPU cooler from Noctua uses the SecuFirm2 mounting system supporting AMD AM4 and Intel LGA1200/1700 sockets. Noctua's new Chromax NH-U12A CPU cooler is available for $119.90/€119.90.

Lastly, Noctua introduced the new Chromax NA-HC7 and NA-HC8 heatsink covers for NH-U12A CPU coolers. The NA-HC7 cover is only available in black, but users can change the colour inlays between black, blue, green, red, yellow and white. As for the NA-HC8 covers, they come in black or white. These heatsink covers are now available for $19.90/€19.90.

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