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AMD Zen 3 processors with 3D V-Cache coming in early 2022, Zen 4 in late 2022

In celebration of Ryzen's 5th anniversary, John Taylor, AMD CMO, and Robert Hallock, director of technical marketing, discussed the past, present and future of Ryzen processors, confirming some interesting things along the way. 

According to Robert Hallock, AMD will be refreshing the current line-up of Ryzen processors with its new 3D V-Cache memory. By piling up layers of memory on top of the compute chiplets (64MB per chiplet), the refreshed Ryzen processors will offer an average 15% bump in gaming performance, which Robert refers to as a “generational leap”. These processers will be coming in early 2022 and will still run on the AM4 platform.

Later in the discussion, Hallock also hinted at Zen 4, which will move over to the AM5 platform, although existing CPU coolers will still be compatible with the new socket. This next-gen platform will also support DDR5 memory and PCIe Gen 5.

During the presentation, John and Robert also talked about a new “Power Management” framework coming for upcoming laptop processors in early 2022 (Rembrandt?). This new feature will be able to automatically balance CPU power and load to maximise power efficiency, based on what the user is doing.

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KitGuru says: 2022 is shaping up to be a big year for Ryzen, with new desktop and laptop CPUs, followed by Zen 4 later in the year. 

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