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Enermax announces new CPU coolers

Enermax, that PSU giant of old has announced a new range of CPU coolers, all part of the ETS-T40 range and coming with names like Black Twister and White Cluster – though essentially the same as each other, just with a different paint job.

Both units inherit the same patented tech that you'd find in previous iterations of the ETS-T40 series and adds an eye catching LED fan to each one. There's even a space faring debut video for the pair, that details some of their features:

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmTcVnACz94′]

These include, a thermal conductive coating for better thermal transference and anti-oxidation, RPM control in three different modes, silent/normal/overclock, optional second fan mount, optimised airflow between fins and four high performance, copper heatpipes that run through the base of the heatsink.

Both coolers have full Haswell support, as well as being compatible with all recent CPUs from both AMD and Intel.

Available now, each cooler is priced at $50, which if the conversion is fare, shouldn't be more than £35.

KitGuru Says: If you want more information, head over to enermax.com.

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