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German banker falls asleep on keyboard and transfers millions

A German bank employee found himself in hot water recently, after he fell asleep during a routine transfer of a small sum to a single customer, instead sending through theorder to transfer over 222 million euros.

Ironically enough, he wasn’t the one that got in the most trouble, but his colleague, who was supposed to supervise all transfers and give them approval. For whatever reason, he gave the thumbs up for this transfer, causing the bank to go into a momentary crisis while it corrected the error.

Something tells me someone takes too much inspiration from cartoons…

The initial transfer was supposed to be for a small 62.40 euro fee, but instead ended up being 222,222,222.22 euros.

The man responsible for verifying the faulty transfer ultimately lost his job, but in a twist turn of events, after taking his employer to the Hessen labour court, he was reinstated in his position.

KitGuru Says: Seems to me that the guy that was fired was more irresponsible, the first man made a mistake while snoozing at work sure, but what was the second guy’s excuse?

[Cheers France24]

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