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God of War studio hit with layoffs

Sony Santa Monica, a studio mostly known for the God of War series has had to cut its work force down and cancel an unannounced project this week, despite moving in to a new office and attempting to expand just last month, Sony has confirmed. “SCEA can confirm that we …

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Zynga business details appear in wake of mass layoffs

While Zynga higher ups might have been hoping that the staff members it fired out of the blue just a few days ago, would ride off into the game development sunset, that's not how it works when there's an internet to please. One disgruntled ex-employee has conducted a Reddit AMA, …

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Zynga blew $200 million on OMGPOP and then shut it down

Remember when Zynga bought up the developers of hugely popular fad game, Draw Something, last year? Remember when it signed the cheque for $200 million? Remember when Zynga went on to shut down that same company and fired almost everyone involved, just over a year later? That just happened. We …

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