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SilentiumPC launches new Fortis 2 CPU cooler

In the market for a new CPU cooler? Then you should probably take a look at SilentiumPC's latest offering, known as the Fortis 2 XE1226. Besides the catchy name, it packs features like pure copper 6mm heatpipes, a near silent 22dBa 120mm fan and it supports almost all modern Intel and AMD CPUs.

The Fortis 2 is designed to fit all ATX case types, giving you 155mm space behind the cooler – though that is obviously reduced if you make use of the optional second fan mount – and it comes with some high performance heat paste too, though knowing KitGuru enthusiasts, you've probably got a drawer full of the stuff anyway.


There's no heatpipe transfer technology here, but there is a solid copper base, which all six, dual heatpipes run through, extending up into the large array of aluminium fins.

The bundled fan is a DF12025 120mm impeller which spins at 500-1500 RPM, producing at most 22dBa at full speed.

The full technical specifications are as follows:

  • Overall dimensions: 130x95x155mm
  • Overall weight: 0.880 kg
  • Cooling fan type: DF12025
  • Size: 120 x 120 x 25mm
  • Bearing type: Hydraulic
  • Rated Voltage: 12V
  • Rated Current: 0.2A
  • Air Flow: max. 65.00 CFM
  • Noise level: max. 22 dBA
  • Fan Speed: 500 ~ 1500 +/-10%
  • MTBF: 50 000 hours
  • Connector: 4Pin PWM
  • Compatibility:
  • AMD: AM2(+), AMD AM3 (+), FM1, FM2
  • Intel: LGA 775, LGA 1366, LGA 2011, LGA 1150, 1155, 1156
  • EAN: 5900308750148
  • Product code: SPC097
  • Warranty: 24 months

Find out more at the SilentiumPC main site.

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