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DeepCool Castle 360EX A-RGB White Review

If we summarise the Castle 360EX A-RGB White CPU cooler, DeepCool has taken one of its tried-and-tested AIO base units and uprated the styling for white-themed aficionados. The quality of the colouring throughout is positive and consistent. And the A-RGB lighting works well, particularly with the motherboard vendor control preference.

Performance is perfectly fine and is about where we would expect for a budget 360mm AIO. The noise levels were certainly high at full fan speed and I guess the 2550 RPM pump being DC controlled does limit noise output manageability. But when locked to 40dBA output, the CF120 fans and accompanying pump unit were capable of maintaining solid levels of cooling proficiency.

While I like the A-RGB lighting implementation, I’m not a fan of proprietary connectors. This adds a proprietary A-RGB splitter into the mix and just seems unnecessary when 5V A-RGB and 12V RGB connections on modern motherboards are ubiquitous.

With that said, I will cut DeepCool some slack on the cable front as the superb infinity mirror implementation looks awesome. And the attention to detail of making the logo rotatable is very smart.

Overall, the DeepCool Castle 360EX A-RGB White is a competent CPU cooler with well-deployed white aesthetics, a good addressable RGB lighting setup, and solid cooling performance. The value for money is perfectly reasonable at around £113 in the UK currently. So, if you aren’t bothered by the poor three-year warranty and high maximum noise output, this looks like a solid option for your white-themed build.

The DeepCool Castle 360EX A-RGB WH sells for £112.99 at Amazon UK.

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  • Good cooling performance
  • Superb aesthetic design with strong build quality
  • Gorgeous Infinity Mirror pump block cover
  • Well-implemented A-RGB LED lighting
  • Very affordable price point


  • Fans are not very noise efficient
  • A-RGB break-out cable approach is questionable
  • Only 3 years warranty

KitGuru says: Awesome aesthetics and a solid cooling potential, DeepCool does a lot of things well with the Castle 360EX A-RGB White edition.

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Rating: 8.0.

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