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CES 2019: Alphacool Eisball, Eisbaer Extreme and more

Today at CES, Leo had the chance to catch up with Alphacool to check out all of the new liquid cooling gear coming our way this year. The star of the show is the new Eisbaer Extreme all-in-one AIO, but we also have new water blocks, pumps and reservoirs to check out. 

The Alphacool Eisbaer Extreme has done the rounds at a number of trade shows already but it is finally ready to hit the market. The radiator is 280mm but actually measures in at 385mm in length. The all-in-one version comes with the tubing, water block and pump all pre-assembled but each of these components will also be available separately, so you can set it up yourself with your own tubing in place. While the massive radiator on the Eisbaer extreme will be problematic for some cases, but Alphacool is working on smaller versions, which will accommodate more cases.

Some new CPU blocks from Alphacool were originally intended for 1U servers. However, as Leo puts it, these are perfectly fine for desktop use and can even be considered a ‘must' for Threadripper builds.

The Alphacool Eisball is a brand new pump/reservoir combo unit. If you want your liquid cooling loop to stand out, then this will do nicely, it also has full RGB lighting. Currently, we are expecting this to come out in Q1 2019 but so far, we don't have specific pricing information.

Mini-ITX users will be pleased to see specialised water cooling gear. New pumps and reservoirs are on the way to make custom liquid cooling loops a bit more practical in small form factor builds.

The final thing we have left to show off is the latest build from ModMyMods. Lots of RGB and an excellent showcase of what can be achieved with Alphacool's new hardware.

KitGuru Says: Leo will have more videos and CES coverage coming up over the course of this week, so keep an eye out. 

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