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4A Games releases Metro Exodus story trailer

Earlier in the week, 4A Games confirmed that Metro Exodus would be getting a Photo Mode, enabling players to document their journey across the post-apocalyptic wasteland. As promised, the developer didn’t stop there, finally releasing a story trailer from the perspective of deuteragonist Anna.

After growing up in the hellish tunnels of the Metro, many have yet to experience the sun and fresh air of the surface world. Sadly, even after the nuclear winter has faded away, it seems like it’s far from sunshine and rainbows for our protagonist Artyom and his wife, Anna.

The two embark on a journey with the Spartan Rangers, a group of soldiers in which Anna holds the title of “top sniper.” Climbing aboard a train called Aurora, the aim is to flee Moscow, heading far east in hopes of finding a new life. Taking place over an entire year, these dreams are “put to the ultimate test in the crucible of the Russian wastelands.”

It seems as though Exodus is set to follow many of the events in the novel Metro 2035, which was partially inspired by original author Dmitry Glukhovsky’s work on the video game adaptation of Metro: Last Light. The events of the games often take very different turns than the novels they are based on, but in order to tread carefully among spoiler territory, I will simply speculate that government factions such as The Reich and potentially the Red Line play a big part in Exodus from the line “We are the government you no longer deserve.”

Metro Exodus is sure to contain many twists and turns throughout its journey, so it’s best to be careful what you read in the comments section until its February 15th launch.

KitGuru Says: Metro has always had a unique vibe that seems to translate well to the surface world. 4A Games does the source material justice, which is more than we could have potentially said about the cancelled film adaptation. Are you excited for Metro Exodus?

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