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MSI is replacing MAG CoreLiquid 240R and 360R coolers due to blockages

MSI has recently been made aware of an issue affecting MAG CoreLiquid 240R and 360R all-in-one liquid coolers. Due to an issue in a small number of these coolers, blockages are occurring, stopping them from cooling the processor as effectively as they should be. As a result, MSI has set up a replacement scheme, so if you have one of these coolers, be sure to read on.

Through investigation, MSI discovered that a “small portion” of MAG CoreLiquid 240R and 360R coolers can produce sediment, which can cause a blockage. This reduces the effectiveness of the cooler and can cause overheating issues. MSI has identified a batch of serial numbers of affected coolers and has rolled out a simplified replacement request process for those impacted.

If you have one of these coolers, you will need to get the serial number and enter it into MSI's cooler swap application page. If your serial number matches up, you'll be able to proceed with an advanced RMA. MSI will send out a prepaid FedEx shipping label along with a replacement CoreLiquid 240R V2 or 360R V2 cooler. All you'll need to do is swap out the cooler and use the prepaid FedEx label to send the old one back with its screws and brackets.

If you received one of these coolers inside of a pre-built desktop, then you may still be eligible for a replacement – but you'll need to enter the serial number for your PC and not the cooler itself. Users will also need to provide a full name, shipping address, phone number and email address when going through the RMA process.

You can find full details and check if you are eligible for a replacement cooler, HERE.

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KitGuru Says: It is unfortunate when things like this happen, but MSI is handling it well and replacements should begin shipping out shortly for those affected. Do you use an MSI CoreLiquid 240R or 360R AIO cooler? Have you had any issues with yours? 

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