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HP is recalling 100,000 laptop batteries

It looks like Samsung isn't the only company to run into some bad luck with batteries lately as HP has announced that it is recalling thousands of laptop batteries due to risk of overheating and catching fire. The recall affects 101,000 laptop batteries in total, all sold between March 2013 …

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Samsung has officially killed off the Note 7


Samsung has officially called it quits on the Galaxy Note 7 today, ending production entirely and telling carriers to stop selling the model for good. Things started going bad back in early September, with some Note 7 units shipping with defective batteries that were prone setting on fire. While a …

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Samsung has replaced 1 million unsafe Galaxy Note 7s


Update: Just last week Samsung confirmed that it has exchanged around half of the Galaxy Note 7 units that could be affected by battery failures. However, since then the company has continued to replace potentially dangerous units and now, over one million Note 7's have been exchanged, globally. While passing …

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US Safety Commission warns users to stop using the Note 7

Last week, Samsung announced that it would be issuing a recall for the Galaxy Note 7 after several devices were found to have major battery defects. However, the recall wasn't set up through the proper channels in the US, meaning consumers could still easily purchase the device if they really …

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Galaxy Note 7 recall may cost Samsung close to $1billion

Samsung has been making the headlines over the past week as Galaxy Note 7's began suffering from critical battery failures, which led to some devices exploding. Since then, Samsung has gone ahead and issued a recall of these devices but the process is going to be far from cheap, as …

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Apple launches repair program for Mac Pros after GPU failures

Back in 2013, Apple impressed us all with its new Mac Pro, featuring a cylinder design and unique cooling system along with some powerful components. However, it seems that some units are suffering from issues, with FirePro GPUs starting to fail, so Apple is issuing an extended repair program for …

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