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Corsair is recalling and replacing SF series PSUs due to technical problems

After Corsair noticed an above-average RMA rate for its SF series of small-form factor PSUs, the company conducted a ‘thorough investigation' as to why this was happening. It seems that these PSUs suffer from a technical problem that has forced Corsair to issue a recall on all SF power supplies with lot codes between 194448xx to 201148xx, manufactured between October 2019 and March 2020.

The SF series of PSUs was revised two years ago when Corsair introduced models with 80Plus Platinum efficiency. As per our own review, these models are technically excellent and it's not a surprise to hear the series has proved popular amongst SFF PC builders.

According to Corsair, the reason for the increased failures appears to be when the SF PSUs are exposed to both high temperatures and high humidity. This issue can manifest itself as soon as the PSU is powered on for the first time, or over time as the unit is “exposed to a range of environmental conditions”. Corsair is also keen to stress that the rest of your system's components will not be affected, given that the problem doesn't occur on the “DC side” of the PSU, which powers the components in a system.

Additionally, Corsair claims that not all PSUs within the lot code interval suffer from this issue, but “out of an abundance of caution and commitment to the quality of the SF-Series”, the company will replace all units for free. If you own an SF power supply with a lot code between 194448xx and 201148xx, you can submit a ticket to Corsair HERE. When possible the company will offer a replacement in advance. All delivery and return costs will be paid by Corsair.

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