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Blizzard has released the first Overwatch animated short

Back when Overwatch was first announced, we were all greeted with an animated trailer so good that you might even think that Pixar was behind it. Since then, Blizzard has expanded its plans a bit and is going to be rolling out a series of Overwatch animated shorts this year, the first of which came out this week, titled ‘Recall’ ad focussing on Gorilla Scientist, Winston.

This short is seven minutes long and helps introduce us to several characters in the Overwatch universe, including Tracer, Winston and the Reaper.


Right now, it looks like these animated shorts will be used to tell the lore/story surrounding Overwatch as the game itself focusses mainly on multiplayer. There isn’t a release date for the next animation just yet but hopefully Blizzard will make this a regular thing.

KitGuru Says: Blizzard’s Overwatch animations have been incredible so I’ll be looking forward to watching more of them. There isn’t a ton of story content but at the very least you will get to know some of the game’s characters better and who knows, things could evolve with more episodes. 

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