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Overwatch surpasses 35 million players

During Overwatch’s first year on the market, the game has hit a number of milestones. 15 million players had enjoyed the game during the Summer of last year and by May this year, that number had doubled to 30 million. Now, with the Halloween event getting under way, Overwatch has …

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Overwatch is getting two Deathmatch game modes


So far, Overwatch players have had three main game modes to enjoy: Escort the Payload, Control and Assault. Now Blizzard will be adding two more to the list, focussing on the classic Deathmatch formula. There will be two Deatchmatch modes for Overwatch, Team Deathmatch and Free for All. Usually, Deathmatch …

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Overwatch has surpassed 30 million players


Overwatch has been out for close to a year now and during that time, the player base has expanded a ton. Back during the summer of 2016, Overwatch had 15 million players and now Blizzard has managed to double that, with 30 million people having now played its shooter. Overwatch is Blizzard’s …

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