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Nvidia issues voluntary recall for Shield tablet wall adapters in Europe

Nvidia is no stranger to recalls when it comes to its Shield products. However, this time around things are much less severe. After receiving single digit reports of Shield tablet and Shield TV European wall adapters breaking, a voluntary recall is being issued for replacements.

The voluntary recall only affects the European wall adapter for the Shied tablet and Shield TV. The recall is being put in place after Nvidia determined that some of these adapters could break and pose “a risk of electrical shock”. In all, Nvidia has received reports from six customers who were shocked, so to avoid this issue affecting anyone else, around 7,000 affected units are being put on the recall list.

Not all European plugs need to be recalled for replacement though, as this only affects Shield tablet and Shield TV units shipped between July 2014 and May 2017. If you live in continental Europe and use one of these adapters, then you can check if yours is on the recall list before taking any action.

All you need to do is unplug the adapter and take a look at the back. There will be a small square grid. If yours does not have punch marks in the last two triangles of row 16, then you can register for a replacement. Alternatively, if your plug foes not have a letter ‘B’ imprinted on the back, then you should register for a replacement.

You can find all of the details on the recall at Nvidia’s page. There you will find full instructions as well as registration information.

KitGuru Says: There have only been a few reports of complaints stemming from these adapters but still, it’s safer for everyone if Nvidia puts a voluntary recall program in place now. If you don’t use the European wall adapter for charging or power, then you can safely ignore this. 

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