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Elden Ring has a hidden colosseum for a PvP expansion

Players have been running around Elden Ring for over a week at this point and sure enough, the game's secrets are beginning to come to light. Modder, Lance McDonald, has moved on from Bloodborne to Elden Ring in the past week, investigating out of bounds areas. During this exploration, a huge colosseum was discovered in the game, possibly hinting at future DLC. 

Lance McDonald is well-known amongst FromSoft fans, in part due to his work on modding Bloodborne to run at 60FPS, as well as his investigations into cut content. While exploring Elden Ring, he found a large arena/colosseum in an out-of-bounds area of the map. Upon approaching the arena, a hostile AI attacks, mimicking what it is like to have your game invaded for PvP.

The colosseum has sparked rumours that From Software may use this for a competitive PvP DLC. There are people who play the Souls games competitively already, using the invasion system to go up against other players. This colosseum area could add a new layer to the game, giving a proper setting for competitive player versus player action.

From Software has not yet announced any DLC plans for Elden Ring, but previous Souls games have all received major expansions, so we would expect to see some DLCs later in the year.

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KitGuru Says: Would you like to see From Software implement a PvP arena mode with two players pitted against each other in a colosseum? This arena could also be used for a PvE challenge mode, with players taking on enemies in increasingly difficult waves. Of course, there is also the possibility that this is just cut content. Either way though, Elden Ring's post-launch content plans should become more clear soon. 

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