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Titan Fenrir Siberia Edition CPU Cooler Review

Rating: 6.5.

Today we are taking a look at the Titan Fenrir Siberia Edition CPU cooler which has both horizontal and vertical heatsinks. As such there is clearly plenty of potential for extracting heat from the CPU, just like having two radiators in one room of your house it will greatly improve the heating effect.

There are many CPU coolers on the market, and it is very hard to distinguish between them today. The vast majority have a single large heatsink connected to a copper block by a varying number and thickness of heatpipes and they also then have one or two fans depending on how expensive the model is. There are however a few manufacturers that have ventured into the dual heatsink arena.

Titan have a plethora of CPU coolers available on the market, many of which are based around a dual configuration … the vertical heatsink or the horizontal heatsink.  However, when you start adding fans to this set-up, things get a bit more complicated.

You still need to have decent airflow going through both radiators, with as little turbulence as possible, and preferably forcing the heat towards a case exhaust fan.

Outline Dimension
Fan Dimension
Rated Voltage
Rated Current
Power Consumption
Rated Speed
Static Pressure
Noise Level
Bearing Type
Life Time
200 x 130 x 162 mm
120 x 120 x25mm                    140 x 140 x25mm
12 VDC                                      12 VDC
0.32 A(Max.)                              0.4 A(Max.)
3.84 W                                        4.8 W
800±25%~2200±10%RPM    700±25%~1800±10%RPM
24.23~66.62 CFM                    34.78~89.43 CFM
0.02~0.14 InchH2O                  0.01~0.09 InchH2O
<15 ~<35 dBA                           <8.3 ~<28.8dBA
4-PIN PWM function
60,000 Hours

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  • Robbie McIntosh

    They look great in pictures, but I dont like the opposing style coolers like this. they are huge and just take up too much space. no need for it. especially with these results. my £20 cooler is comparible.

  • Davis

    Those style of coolers are on a road to nowhere. Its great they cool the board, but most case fans are designed to help with that. I dont like large coolers like the D14 either however, as they are too restrictive. thats why coolers like Corsair H100 are so great, they CPU socket is hardly covered at all, so loads of room around it for the build.

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