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Evercool Transformer 4 Plus Review

Installing the Transformer 4 Plus is a very straight forward procedure. First we choose the correct backplate for our AMD powered system.

After inserting the 4 screws through the backplate we place the white washers in place and attach the 4 threaded support posts.

With the supports in place we place the heatsink and retaining bracket in the correct orientation and secure them with 4 silver nuts. We recommend tightening these screws in a kitty corner fashion. (kitty corner: When at an intersection, something that is ‘kitty corner' to another will be on the opposite quadrant diagonally from the other.). This ensures that the pressure is evenly distributed, and to make the best contact possible with the processor.

These final 2 pictures are of the Transformer 4 Plus installed and ready to rock & roll. Thanks to the silver/chrome finish it's hard for this cooler not to grab your attention. Finally we are ready for our testing, it's time to see if the good looks of the Transformer 4 Plus can impress where it's important ... keeping the processor cool.

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