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NZXT Sentry Mesh Review

The NZXT Mesh fan controller pictured above. The Sentry Mesh reminds me of the old 5 band equalizers used with home and car audio systems.  The front panel is covered in a metal mesh that matches the look of many of the popular case designs available today. It is equipped with sliders to control the speed of every fan that is connected. Each of the 5 sliders are actually connected to individual 30 watt channels. That is ample power to control the majority of high performance fans available today.

The images above give us a good look at the PCB and how all the fans connect into it.  The Sentry Mesh can get the power it needs from a 4 pin Molex connection and has 5 cables with three pin headers that attach to the fans being used.

Each fan is controlled by one of the sliders on the front panel . The sliders vary the fan speed between 40% and 100%, with 40% being the minimum speed available.

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