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Forget Kinect, here’s a real next-gen motion controller

While the Wii's controllers and nunchuks might have introduced us to the idea of motion controlled gaming, it's only in recent years that we've really got to a level where it's beginning to be a useful and practical way of interacting with games. However, that development hasn't come from Microsoft's …

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DJ Teddy prepares to rock your desk and bed

We don't often review the gimmicky stuff here at KitGuru. To be honest, we really use up far too much time on in-depth, world-class reviews of the hardcore kit you spend most of your free money on. But every now and then, something lands in the KitGuru Labs that can't …

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NZXT Sentry Mesh Review

KitGuru has reviewed many items from NZXT since we opened a little over a year ago.  Today we have one of their latest items to hit the market, the Sentry Mesh. The Sentry Mesh is a new fan controller that features 5 individual 30 watt channels and it fits into …

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Arctic launches Aqua Riders – splish splosh

KitGuru loves Arctic. Well, let's qualify that statement – before we're accused of bias. While the coolers are good and the thermal paste is all nice and gooey – the company also finds time to create some of the best toys. Now that's cool. Something just arrived in KitGuru's inbox …

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Arctic Hobby machines spotted in the flesh

Every guru's favourite marketing machine, Brice Vandervoorde from Arctic, is live and in the flesh at major channel event, Distree XXL in Monte Carlo, Monaco. KitGuru spies have been snapping the cool stuff and sending back the pics that count. Alongside Panzers, Arctic Hobby has a full range of remote …

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