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Arctic launches Aqua Riders – splish splosh

KitGuru loves Arctic.

Well, let's qualify that statement – before we're accused of bias.

While the coolers are good and the thermal paste is all nice and gooey – the company also finds time to create some of the best toys. Now that's cool. Something just arrived in KitGuru's inbox and we wanted to share it with you.

Having seen Arctic's tanks at last year's Computex, KitGuru has also reported on the digging equipment presented at Distree back in February. Now, for Computex 2011, Arctic's top dude Brice Vandevoorde is preparing to take Captain's orders for a new fleet of products called Aqua Riders.

The pictures tell the real story.

Try humming The Doors' classic with the alternative "Aqua Riders in a storm" lyrics

Our fave-rave is the bright red powerboat.

Give it the beans - up to the taps - around the plug cable and back

Arctic describe the tiny powerboat as an Aqua Rider 303 – a 1:25 sport boat that is ready-to-sail straight out from the box. At a maximum of 100-meter range, this watercraft is great for beginners to have fun in pools, ponds and lakes.

Easy-Access Hatch
Without using any tools, simply retrieve the battery pack that is stored conveniently inside the snap-on cockpit. Either taking the battery out or just leaving it in the boat, it is readily accessible for recharging.

The Aqua Rider 303 utilizes a mono-hull design to tackle through the waters. This design ensures stable cruising and easy manoeuvrability. It can be easily mastered without any experience.

Water Cooling System
Equipped with a water cooling system, the Aqua Rider 303 has a water pipe that pumps in water to cool the motor. This guarantees the motor to operate at its maximum performance and will provide you with trouble-free running all day.

Battery and servo are kept securely inside the hull and are accessible via a casing on the trim. With additional foam-lining, it prevents water from entering the hull. This allows the interior of the Aqua Rider 303 to stay dry even while diving through waves.

KitGuru says: Perfect for any Guru's bathtime treat – but watch you don't get anything snagged in the propellers!

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