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Arctic charm melts PC World buyer’s hearts

There are a lot of things you can do in this world to increase sales. Innovation is key – and the price you decide to charge can also be a big influence – but one thing is clear: The more stores that sell your product, the more chance you have …

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Arctic prepares Bluetooth version of popular P402 headset

With its Audi-like looks, comfortable cushions and low pricing, Arctic tells us that the P402 headset has become quite popular among its customers – but the company got a lot of feedback about the fact that a cable was required. Now that’s changing. KitGuru ponders the benefit of a wireless …

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Arctic brings the freeze to GTX680 cooling

Allow Kim Kardashian to blow on the back of your hand and you’ll feel, straight away, that there is a cooling effect. Allow her to lick the same area first, before she blows, and the effect will be multiplied. You may even experience some shivers. KitGuru leaves Kim pining at …

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Arctic launches Aqua Riders – splish splosh

KitGuru loves Arctic. Well, let’s qualify that statement – before we’re accused of bias. While the coolers are good and the thermal paste is all nice and gooey – the company also finds time to create some of the best toys. Now that’s cool. Something just arrived in KitGuru’s inbox …

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Arctic Hobby machines spotted in the flesh

Every guru’s favourite marketing machine, Brice Vandervoorde from Arctic, is live and in the flesh at major channel event, Distree XXL in Monte Carlo, Monaco. KitGuru spies have been snapping the cool stuff and sending back the pics that count. Alongside Panzers, Arctic Hobby has a full range of remote …

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