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Arctic charm melts PC World buyer’s hearts

There are a lot of things you can do in this world to increase sales. Innovation is key – and the price you decide to charge can also be a big influence – but one thing is clear: The more stores that sell your product, the more chance you have of taking money. Arctic has just opened up a few more locations.

as a store for TVs, fridges and other household appliances, KitGuru has always liked Comet. So news that the major UK electrical retail chain is in serious trouble was sad indeed. But there's one area where Comet has always been lite – and that's computer components.

In comparison, the Dixons Stores Group has not only Currys (for regular household goods), but also PC World for computers and components.

If you live outside central London, then PC World might be your only store option for components – especially on Sundays etc.

So, if you're a KitGuru reader in the UK, then  it's good news that a deal has now been signed for PC World and Currys to carry the famous range of coolers and pastes. Shipments are already being loaded into containers and deliveries into UK stores are expected before the end of November – in plenty of time for the Xmas rush.

Chilly weather KitGuru can live without... but we do like a Freezer on the CPU every now and then

KitGuru says: Arctic's market is very clearly defined. Its engineers don't aim to create £80 monster coolers for a tiny fraction of the market, instead they focus on customers who are (a) thinking about their first proper cooler and (b) those same customers two years later, when they want something with better performance. Having Arctic Freezers etc available in every major town across the UK – 7 days a week – is a good thing.

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