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Curry’s opens “gaming bunker”

Curry PC World

While we might have seen the British gaming high street retailers fall apart in recent years, one more hardware and electronics focused company is looking to keep retail gaming alive with the creation of a “gaming bunker,” which sees one Curry’s store on Tottenham Court Road, London, make several high …

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Are the Boxing Day sales real?

We all love a bargain, but scouring the high street technology stores on the day after Xmas did not seem to generate any serious surprises. KitGuru is sent some snaps and breaks out ‘Analysis 101’ to see just how well the shoppers are doing today. Will records be set? While …

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Comet dying due to Deloitte’s doomsday deal?

When a company enters administration, one of the first things they do is blow out any remaining stock to get cash in – so that the business can be kept alive while a rescue plan is put in place. Comet seems to be going with a different strategy. KitGuru drives …

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Arctic charm melts PC World buyer’s hearts

There are a lot of things you can do in this world to increase sales. Innovation is key – and the price you decide to charge can also be a big influence – but one thing is clear: The more stores that sell your product, the more chance you have …

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High street DDR pricing stinks say experts

The global IT market is huge. So big that no one man/woman/Guru can keep track of everything. At times like that we rely on our network of friends to give us a heads up on the grass-roots happenings that affect technologists. We’ve had a camera-pic in this morning that’s caused …

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nVidia slashes prices to help welcome Radeon 7970

There are few things in the universe funnier, than watching a couple of multi-billion dollar giants clubbing each other around the head with product launches, marketing schemes and price reductions. It not only provides entertainment, it also keeps the market healthy. KitGuru’s done a little price comparison, following the launch …

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Sad lack of Sandy Bridge in the high street

KitGuru spent Saturday afternoon shopping in centres packed with folks stocking up on Mother’s Day gifts. While the world looked out for that ‘special something that would make the moment’, KitGuru was looking around the electronics shelves and noticed something rather surprising. Here’s a quick story and a pic – …

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