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Razer offers up free games with peripherals at Currys

If you plan to get a Huntsman V3 Pro keyboard, a BlackShark V2 Pro, or a Blackwidow V4 Pro, get it at Currys. When you buy any of these peripherals, you'll get a Gamesplanet voucher for a select free game, including Helldivers 2, Elden Ring, Starfield, and much more.

It's an excellent time to update your peripherals, especially if you're already fancying yourself some Razer gear. Whether you want a new compact keyboard such as the Huntsman V3 Pro Mini, a full-fledged one like the Blackwidow V4 Pro, or something in the middle like the Hunstman V3 Pro TKL, this is a good time to get it.

Even if a keyboard isn't what you're looking to upgrade, maybe a headset like the BlackShark V2 Pro is what you're looking for. Then, you're still lucky, as Currys' current promotion also includes these (in black and white).

When buying any of these at Currys, you'll get a voucher to redeem a free game at Gamesplanet. The selection of 32 games includes new ones such as Manor Lords, Tekken 8, and Millenia, as well as upcoming titles like Stalker 2, Prison Architect 2, and the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Edition (or the DLC alone). The entire selection of eligible games can be found HERE.

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