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High street DDR pricing stinks say experts

The global IT market is huge. So big that no one man/woman/Guru can keep track of everything. At times like that we rely on our network of friends to give us a heads up on the grass-roots happenings that affect technologists. We’ve had a camera-pic in this morning that’s caused a little shock. Now we share the shock with you.

We recently revealed how Tesco’s purchasing team had been shafted, without the slightest hint of lube, and then passed it on to you – the unsuspecting public. The errant product was SD memory and the pricing in Curry’s (part of Dixons/PC World) was close to 50% of the Tesco cheeky price.

Today the shoes on the other slab of chedder.

If you have any intention of increasing your system memory, then a ‘quick trip to your local electronics store’ may not be the best option.

Before you scroll down to the snapshot, how much do you think a single stick of 2GB DDR should be?

If you went to Aria, then this kind of chip would be less than £18 and if you choose something like ‘Zeppelin RAM’, you can probably get it for around £14.

Not so from Curry’s. We spoke with a memory expert who said, “This kind of behaviour just stinks. They’re relying on customers not knowing better. Could they get away with selling Coca Cola for £3 a bottle?”

Curry's were doing so well on SD - but let the consumer down so badly on DDR

KitGuru says: We have nothing against companies making  profit, but a ~100% price difference from one store to another is just taking the p*ss.

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