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nVidia slashes prices to help welcome Radeon 7970

There are few things in the universe funnier, than watching a couple of multi-billion dollar giants clubbing each other around the head with product launches, marketing schemes and price reductions.

It not only provides entertainment, it also keeps the market healthy.

KitGuru’s done a little price comparison, following the launch of AMD’s Radeon 7970. Here’s what we discovered in the mass market.

They’ve been around for ages, with strong industry relationships, so when one of the major online resellers has their nVidia pricing trumped by a high street major – to the tune of almost 25%, then you know something’s up.

Have a look at these screen grabs, taken very soon after each other, and you’ll see what we mean:-

It's £93 plays £70 in the battle of the nVidia giants. While Scan was kind enough to include the KitGuru Must Have award, Curry's were not. On that fact alone, you should probably buy it from Scan - whatever the price. Ho Ho Ho.

The card we checked first was the multi-award winning Asus GT550.

KitGuru says: Dropping around 25% on a mainstream product is proper fighting talk. Looks like Jen Hsun and his Christmas Elves are ready for a blood bath ahead of the launch of Kepler in 2012. Whatever happens, price cuts like this, on award winning Asus cards, will only benefit the end user. That’s the KitGuru reader that is.

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  • There has been an error somewhere as curries are selling this for £99.99 not £70.00 as in the screenshot …


    Best Regards

  • Not an error Chris, looks like Curries have raised the price again since this was published…. interesting indeed.

  • Chris P

    Thanks Zardon,

    As there was a screenshot I thought as much,

    I didnt intend to imply you had made the error, ” Somewhere” was my indirect way of saying Curry’s ;)..

    Best Regards

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