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Curry’s opens “gaming bunker”

While we might have seen the British gaming high street retailers fall apart in recent years, one more hardware and electronics focused company is looking to keep retail gaming alive with the creation of a “gaming bunker,” which sees one Curry’s store on Tottenham Court Road, London, make several high end PCs available as gaming demo rigs.

The idea is to give the average gamer a chance to see what it’s like to play high end PC games as they were meant to be played, with a powerful GPU, decent mouse, keyboard and headset on a stunning new, HD display. These ten machines will be available in a 500 square foot “bunker” and will be networked together to allow for cooperative and competitive play between them. They will also have some popular games installed such as League of Legends, Borderlands 2 etc.

Curry PC World
The question is, would any of this make you guys buy hardware from PC World?

All of the parts in each of the machine will be individually available from the Curry’s outlet and third party manufacturers like Turtle Beach and Razer will have their own sales areas within the bunker.

KitGuru Says: Is this the kind of thing you guys would be interested in checking out? Makes me think of the underground club/bar/skateboard park that was showcased in hackers. Maybe they’ll have early versions of Wipeout there?

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0e8ZMVqVCc’] [Cheers Eurogamer]

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