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Amazon fires neo-nazi security

Amazon has been forced to fire one of the sub-contracted security firms working for it in Germany, after it was found out that some members of the organisation has been wearing neo-nazi uniforms and intimidating foreign workers at one of the company’s distribution centres.

The group in question was known as Hensel European Security Services (HESS) and they were shown harassing seasonal workers in a documentary shown on the ARD channel. It showed the foreign staff members having their belongings and persons searched, their living quarters turned out and they were often intimidated by the HESS security teams.

Amazon has had trouble with reports of poor working conditions before.

Amazon has pledged to make a full investigation into the claims following the firing of the company. The Telegraph reports that HESS has already been banned from all football games because of its propensity to cloth members in uniforms that resemble neo-nazi regalia.

Other information that came to light as part of the documentary includes the fact that the foreign workers, temporarily drafted in around Christmas to cope with demand, are often paid less than they were contracted for.

KitGuru Says: This is hardly the first story we’ve heard of Amazon staff not being treated well. It’s hard not to use the site though when the service for the consumer is so good!

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