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AMD will be attending Gamescom 2022

After two years of virtual Gamescom events, the game conference will again open its doors to attendees and gaming companies. One of those companies is AMD, which has already confirmed it will be at the event, inviting fans to visit their booth. Gamescom, the biggest gaming convention in Europe, is …

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Germany finally takes Half-Life off the naughty list

Almost two decades. That’s how long it took for German authorities to finally take Half-Life, the original and all its offspring, off its list of censored media content. Germany, a country known for its openness, political correctness and proactive federal authorities has always taken a very aggressive approach towards media …

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Germany continues to champion encryption as others decry it

Along with a push for legislation like TTIP and TPP, British and American governments have all but declared a brand new ‘war' against encryption. They've both made efforts to paint the technology as a tool for terrorists and a serious security threat to all nations, as well as pushing for …

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Scientists figure out how to extract Germanium from plants

Although Germanium isn't a conflict metal and is therefore its usage isn't one of those moral hurdles we all have to leap when buying electronics, it still needs to be extracted from Zinc smelting and coal burning, which isn't particularly efficient. Like all natural resources, it's also finite, which is …

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Angela Merkel and Obama cool spying tension

In 2013, the United States riled up a lot of people, as Edward Snowden released a bevy of classified NSA documents to the press, which revealed the extent of the spying perpetrated by the NSA and its international contemporaries. However one person it really angered was German chancellor, Angela Merkel, …

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German minister pushing for ‘anti-stress’ law

Contacting employees outside of work hours could soon become a criminal offence in Germany thanks to the efforts of one minister who believes our ever connected world is causing far too much stress. To investigate this phenomenon, she's now commissioned a report to see if the law is actually viable. …

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Beware trojan wielding, fake piracy fine emails

I'm not breaking any ground when I saw that a lot of people download media illegally. You've told us for one, but it's a widespread thing that continually shows up in the headlines when a new movie is released as the producers complain, or when Game of Thrones is on …

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German Amazon workers strike over pay

Amazon has a long history of not treating its employees very well, whether it's not providing adequate air conditioning in some of its facilities – leading some workers to pass out on the job – or leaving warehouse employees working alone in huge empty buildings. But one constant theme seems …

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More and more Germans want to give Snowden asylum

Following on from revelations that the US' NSA had been tapping the phone of German chancellor, Angela Merkel for over a decade, a growing number of politicians and influential people in Germany have been calling for the government to offer asylum to NSA document leaker Edward Snowden. Published in a …

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Dead Rising 3 release blocked in Germany

The next instalment in the Dead Rising franchise, set to debut alongside the Xbox One console, has been denied a rating in Germany, meaning it won't be available for purchase on release day. While a modified version might be released further down the line, considering neither Dead Rising 1 or …

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German Amazon workers go on strike

The German labour union, Verdi, has called on Amazon workers in the country to go on strike, in order to force the huge e-tailer to implement better worker employment conditions, in line with other companies of its type. Amazon has a history of treating workers poorly, with some in an …

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Germany approves Google News license fee

Iron Sky

German parliament has now given the voted approval for a licensing fee should the search engine wish to reproduce more than just a few short excerpts of a news story. Fortunately to come into play it still needs to be ratified by the upper house of German parliament, but that's …

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German music rights law blocks many Youtube videos

Youtube GEMA

We've talked about the trouble with German music law in the past. It's the reason that Spotify took so long to launch in the country and why other music services have such a hard time. The biggest performance rights group in the country, GEMA, is tyrannical in its protectionism of artists and …

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Amazon fires neo-nazi security


Amazon has been forced to fire one of the sub-contracted security firms working for it in Germany, after it was found out that some members of the organisation has been wearing neo-nazi uniforms and intimidating foreign workers at one of the company's distribution centres. The group in question was known …

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Ramp up for CeBIT 2013 begins

By the end of the first week in March, hundreds of thousands of souls will have passed through the gates to the Hannover Messe – one of the world's largest trade fair grounds. But to the experienced eye, it will look like a ghost town. KitGuru tallies the numbers to …

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