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Dead Rising 3 release blocked in Germany

The next instalment in the Dead Rising franchise, set to debut alongside the Xbox One console, has been denied a rating in Germany, meaning it won't be available for purchase on release day. While a modified version might be released further down the line, considering neither Dead Rising 1 or 2 have been released there (both receiving similar block orders) it seems unlikely.

The news that the game was blocked by the German rating's board, the Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle, has been confirmed by Microsoft so this is official at this point. It's not clear what specifically about the game the ratings board didn't like, but it has something to do with the ultra violence of the game.
“Dead Rising 3 will not be released in Germany as part of the Xbox One launch line-up on Nov. 22 having been unable to attain an age-rating upon review by BPjM (Bundeprüfstelle für jugendgefährende Medien), the country’s entertainment software self-regulation body,” a Microsoft representative said to Destructoid.

“While Microsoft is disappointed with this decision, we respect the views of the review panel and have withdrawn Dead Rising 3 from Germany’s Xbox One launch line-up. Dead Rising 3 will still be available in all other launch markets on 22 November 2013. Beyond that, we have no further comment.”

Germany hates chainsaw dick shots. Hates 'em.

Gamers of legal age within the country, should still be able to obtain a copy of the game if they are willing to import it, as this has been possible with both banned Dead Rising 1 and 2. Both games were blocked before their respective release dates, but the block only makes it illegal to sell copies of the game within Germany, it's not illegal to own or play it.

KitGuru Says: Seems a bit of an odd game to block, when there are much more violent games out there if you consider in Dead Rising most of the violence is against zombies. However, if you take into account that those “people” were, or still are human, then the ratings board may have a point. 

Still, no reason to ban a game just because it's violent. Let adults play what they want, it's not hurting anyone. 

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