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Arctic launches dual port in car USB charger

With a growing number of devices being used all day long, even the most stellar batteries can’t hope to provide all the juice we need all the time we need it.

To get around this solution, we need to be able to charge up on the go.

But most cars only have a single charge point, which is where Arctic comes in.

When they are not busy saving CPUs from heat or launching a new series of remote control toys, Arctic engineers spend at least part of the day wondering how to make the world a better place.

Recently, they noticed an increase of in-car-fighting for the only charge point. Keen to avoid a blood-bath, they’ve come up with a small, neat, cost-effective dual USB charger.

Arctic marketing guru, Brice Vandervoorde told us, “This Dual USB Car Charger charges all Smartphones and even supports fast charge for iPhones”.

Useful stuff. But what about larger devices like iPads?

“Thanks to the maximum output current of 2.1 A on one of the ports, we’re also able to provide fast charging for iPads and other tablets”, said Brice. “In other words, you can keep your gadgets working day and night – even when you’re flying down the motorway”.

We asked about warranty and likely pricing.

“The Arctic dual USB car charger comes with a two-year warranty and we’re expecting it to sell for less than €10 across Europe”, said Brice.

When you want the juice and you need the juice, Brice has the juice

KitGuru says: Of course you don’t need to buy one, but you just KNOW that the moment you decide it is a bad idea, will be the moment you’re batteries are low for an important meeting. We like to think of this charger as a insurance policy, so definitely handy to have on you.

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