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Kim Dotcom shows off Megabox teaser

A new video appeared this morning on the MrKimDotcom Youtube channel, headlined “Kim Dotcom – Making of Megabox,” which plays out like a movie trailer, with shots going in and out of focus, a thumping musical backing track and sample footage of the new website in action, giving a hint as to it’s true purpose.

Similar to the newly revamped and coming soon MySpace video we saw yesterday, Megabox appears to be a site focused around users having free access to music while giving artists better creative control, more ability to monetise their tracks and the ability for people to see where gigs are, buy tickets, interact through social networking and more. A big emphasis was put on the universal nature of the site, being easily accessible and catered to on mobile, tablets, laptops, desktops and a variety of other platforms.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kw04ckfO-yA’]

If you’re the kind of person that wants to get to the meat of the content, you’ll want to jump past the first 30 seconds or so which feature a bunch of programmers and artists first walking into the Megabox development HQ, before sitting down and actually getting to work. From there you get to see what they’re developing, which appears to be quite an extensive music service. There’s free accounts for users and artists -hopefully they’ll fix the grammar error on the Account Type page before going live – with the artist option suggesting Megabox allows musicians to “Take control of your music career,” as well as offering “Unlimited Storage” for those uploading their music to the cloud.

In terms of user interactions, there’s chat, social functions linked with Facebook, Twitter and other networks, as well as the ability to see who’s listening to what and how they rate it. Megabox will also have featured and exclusive artists, suggesting there will be content on the platform that won’t be available anywhere else.

In terms of release date, there’s nothing concrete yet, only the text at the end “Coming soon,” though Dotcom has teased that we aren’t far off the debut release. The description in the video was filled with the usual anti-authoritarian text that we’ve come to expect from him too: “This is what they don’t want you to have. Unchaining artists and fans. Megabox is coming soon.”

KitGuru Says: There was a lot of information in that video so I’m sure I missed something. Sound off below or on the KG Facebook page about what you think and any other features that are worth noting.

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