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Kim Dotcom offers early tweeters Baboom beta access

Kim Dotcom may not be having his Party Party today, but he is looking to give people that tweet out promotion for his new music service, Baboom, early beta access to the site, which is supposed to offer fair royalties to artists and give them a new way to interact …

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Forget Megabox, Kim Dotcom is talking music with Baboom

We’ve heard a lot about Kim Dotcom’s Megabox in the past, even seeing a video teaser of some skinny jeans working on it back in September last year, but now apparently that name is dead. Following on from Dotcom’s resignation as director of encrypted backup service MEGA, he’s renamed his …

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Kim Dotcom’s Mega launch could break bail

Kim Dotcom

If Kim Dotcom launches the new Mega file sharing website as he plans to do on 20th January 2013 – the anniversary of Megaupload’s shutdown – then he could be found in breach of his bail, which he was only granted earlier this year after stating that he had no …

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Megaupload user to get a hearing

Mega Upload

One of the users that has his data seized as part of the Megaupload takedown by US and NZ authorities, Kyle Goodwin, has been granted a hearing, that will allow him to fight for the retrieval of his data – something that the US officials are not keen on at …

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Kim Dotcom shows off Megabox teaser

A new video appeared this morning on the MrKimDotcom Youtube channel, headlined “Kim Dotcom – Making of Megabox,” which plays out like a movie trailer, with shots going in and out of focus, a thumping musical backing track and sample footage of the new website in action, giving a hint as …

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