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Arctic prepares Bluetooth version of popular P402 headset

With its Audi-like looks, comfortable cushions and low pricing, Arctic tells us that the P402 headset has become quite popular among its customers – but the company got a lot of feedback about the fact that a cable was required. Now that's changing. KitGuru ponders the benefit of a wireless Arctic.

Arctic's re-branding certainly works for retail packaging. The clean lines and simple boxes/blister packs are appealing for a Western audience. Plus, the company has a massive reputation for quality and value in the CPU cooler market – so those brand values carry across, to a certain extent, to other products it wants to launch into the mainstream consumer sector.

We're expecting the Bluetooth version of the P402 to weigh in around 150 grams – and they should feel as light on your head as the originals.

Our experience of Arctic Bluetooth headsets is positive. Once paired, the liberation of being able to walk away from your audio source, go to the kitchen, make a cup of coffee and returning – without missing a beat – is very cool and make you feel like you're living in the 21st century.

The ‘sit on your head' design will work better for casual pursuits – so we're not expecting you to go jogging or playing football while wearing them. Certainly a game of rugby with these on is ill-advised and could be the last thing your headphones ever do.

We'll need to get these into the KitGuru Lab to render a real world testing result, but the headset promises much – if Arctic can hit the right price/availability mark.

The Arctic image for the original P402 showed a little more liberty than was actually possible with the wires, perhaps. The Bluetooth version will be with us soon - and promises complete liberation. Banging audio on a Blackberry/iPad/iPhone sounds good.

KitGuru says: Like so many things in the modern world, the success of this product will come down, largely, to price and availability. Put enough of them into the retail channel – at the right price – then it has a good chance to succeed. Question is: Where can potential customers get ‘hands-on' with a Bluetooth P402?

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