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Apple CEO Cook fires head of mobile software

Apple CEO Tim Cook has fired Scott Forstall, the head of the companies mobile software products group. According to sources at Reuters Forstall was a long time ‘lieutenant' of the Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and Cook asked him to leave after years of friction with other top executives in the company. Apparently Cook was annoyed that Forstall failed to take responsibility for the Apple Map disaster in the latest version of iOS.

Sources claim that Forstall refused to sign a public apology after the Apple mapping product drew worldwide criticism from the press and end users.

Scott Forstall - axed by CEO Tim Cook due to friction with other executives and his failure to stand responsible for the iOS 6 mapping disaster which has damaged the company

When Forstall refused to sign the letter, CEO Cook did instead, taking personal responsibility for the mess. Forstall will now leave the company next year, Apple said in a statement.

This is the first major change that Cook has made since replacing Steve Jobs as company leader. John Browett is also leaving the company, joining Apple seven months ago after serving as the CEO of Dixons.

Browett tried to improve retail store profits, but his tactics alienated employees in the retail stores and Cook decided he was the wrong man for the job.

Kitguru says: Tim Cook is now making his own choices, which is good to see.

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