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Arctic Hobby Remote Control – discover your inner kid

As a kid, everyone played with cars. Boys and girls. Whether it was Hot Wheels, Bat Mobiles, Barbie Mobiles or Captain Scarlett’s MPV, there’s something about these creations that attracted all of us. With the launch of its new brand last year, Arctic now has an entire division of dreamers – dedicated to delivering the ultimate in wheel-ed joy. KitGuru dons a cap, shorts and sandles to investigate – starting off with an interview with Arctic Marketing Head Honcho, Timothy Yun.

At 99p, there are some affordable cars out there, but you can only push them along the floor. Invest in track and you’re in business. Now they can go round and round. For a little more money, you can have a motor – either at the side of the track or built into the car itself.

Perfect. Well, almost.

Now if only you could control the car.

Given how attractive the concept of a high-quality, remote control vehicle is – KitGuru finds it strange that so few companies produce the right kind of product in this market. For several decades, the only quality manufacturer we can think of has been Tamiya – but these products are prohibitively expensive.

Enter Arctic!

Those of you who have been following us since KitGuru started last May, might have picked up on a special piece of coverage from the show floor at Computex, Taiwan back in June. Here’s a little reminder.

Attack of the (remote control) Arctic Panzers - surely nothing can stand in their way?


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