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EKWB brings direct-die cooling to AM5 platforms

EK has recently released a special edition direct die water block specifically designed for the AMD AM5 socket and delidded Ryzen 7000 CPUs, including the X3D versions. The custom-engineered cooling engine is designed for AM5 direct die cooling, and the cold plate contact surface has projecting areas that precisely fit …

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Arctic launches its most powerful cooling fans yet

Arctic's P-series fans have impressed us in the past, often charting highly in comparison temperature tests with AIO coolers. This week, Arctic is launching its most powerful fan yet, the P14 Max.  The P14 Max is a 140mm fan with a wide speed range, going as low as 400RPM and …

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Cooler Master to improve dust filter design following KitGuru’s QUBE 500 review

Back in September, we reviewed the Cooler Master QUBE 500, a flatpack PC case that you build from scratch. It was a concept we could get behind, especially for someone who enjoys building and modding PCs. However, our airflow testing brought up some concerns. Now, Cooler Master has responded to our findings and will be making changes to the case design to improve airflow.

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Samsung may use heatpipes to cool Galaxy S7

It is getting to the point where smartphone chips are getting so powerful, that they simply can't stay as cool as they used to at all times. Qualcomm knows this issue all too well, with wide reports of the Snapdragon 810 suffering from heating issues over the past year. However, …

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Fujitsu develops ultra-thin heat-pipes to cool-down mobile devices

Fujitsu Laboratories this week said that it had developed ultra-thin loop heat-pipe technology that could be used inside ultra-mobile electronics, such as smartphones or tablets. Fujitsu expects the new heat-pipes to enable portable devices with higher-performance system-on-chips inside. Modern application processors for mobile devices have gained tremendous amount of performance …

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