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Alphacool’s newest radiator is 60mm thick and fits 9x 120mm fans

Alphacool has today introduced four new radiators to its lineup. Most eye catching is the NexXxos 1080 Nova, with a 60mm thick core that takes 9x 120mm fans. Alphacool claims this can cool ‘more than 1000W of excess heat', all while maintaining ‘extremely quiet' fan speeds.

NexXxos 1080 Nova:

Starting with the NexXos 1080 Nova, the name is derived from its support for 9x 120mm fans, totalling 1080mm. Alphacool reckons the overall cooling is comparable to 3x 360mm radiators that are each 60mm thick. It's ability to cool over 1000W would be enough for three RTX 3090s or three AMD Threadripper 3990X CPUs.

The total size of the radiator is 37.8 x 36 x 6.5 cm (LxWxH) and it weighs over 3KG alone, at 3370g. It sports a fin density of 12FPI with 3x G1/4″ fittings.

NexXxos Monsta 200:

NexXxos Monsta 400:

Both the Monsta 200 and 400 radiators support the use of either 180mm or 20mm fans and measure 86mm thick. There's no less than seven G1/4″ ports on each radiator too, and Alphacool says that ‘6 of the ports are for inlet/outlet and the 7th port is located at the end chamber and can only be used for filling, draining, or bleeding the radiator.'

Fin density is also 12FPI, which Alphacool says is a reduction from 16FPI to enable the use of lower fan speeds or fans with lower static pressure. The Monsta 200 weighs 1.7KG and measures 24.8 x 19.9 x 8.7 cm, while the Monsta 400 is even heavier at 2.78KG, while its dimensions hit 44.3 x 20 x 8.7 cm.

NexXxoS XT45 Quad 480/560:

Finally we have the NexXxoS XT45, which Alphacool somewhat amusingly describes as ‘the little sibling of the Nova' series. It's hardly little, as it can support 4x 120mm or 140mm fans, and boasts total cooling capacity that is equivalent to a single 560mm radiator. Just like the Monsta radiators, it also boasts a total of seven G1/4″ ports, while it weighs 2370g. Measurements are listed at 32.2 x 28 x 4.9 cm.

For all of its radiators, Alphacool says that all ‘water bearing parts' are manufactured out of copper, including the cooling channels and fins. The threads are made of brass, as apparently copper is too soft, while only the side plates of the radiator and the mounting plates are made of steel.

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KitGuru says: That Nova 1080 is one heck of a radiator. I'd love to see what sort of system that would be used in.

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