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CM Storm Strike Force SF-19 Laptop Cooler Review

The CM Storm Strike SF-19 arrives in a huge package which looks more like a box for a fully fledged laptop, rather than ‘just’ a cooler.

Ideal for a store layout, the upper layer can be opened up to reveal a gatefold style display, listing all product functionality.

The bundle contains an adapter for active power to the fans, literature on the product, and a special USB 3.0 cable for direct connection between the cooler and the laptop system.

The Strike Force SF-19 measures 19 inches scross by 14 inches on its side. It looks very futuristic, and immediately reminded us of an Alienware laptop design. Angular structuring, calling back to futuristic HR Giger space designs. The surface area is one of Cooler Master’s main focus points with this laptop, and it does indeed cover a huge percentage of the total width. The top is strong, covered with wire mesh and industrial rubber for stability.

The underside has a rectangular grid of holes which act as a semi filtered air intake system. This is constructed from ABS plastic which is ideal as it ensures a strong structural platform with reduced weight. It still weighs 1.98 kg mind you, which is more than many netbooks and entry level laptops.

This may seem like a lot of extra weight to carry about, but it is worth bearing in mind that this particular cooler is designed for high end gaming machines which generally only get transported from home to LAN events and back.

The SF-19 is covered in rubberised surface points to help improve stability and to ensure that a heavy gaming machine will remain held at all times. It isn’t designed to be an attractive ‘center piece’ for a living room, but a workable, industrial style base for high levels of support and cooling.

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