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Cooler Master Turbine Master Fan Review

Rating: 9.0.

Every performance enthusiast system needs high levels of cooling. An unfortunate side effect is that many fans on the market today can generate excessive noise.

There is nothing you will regret more than buying a handful of cheap fans online without research. Unless you want to end up with a Huey Helicopter in your room then a little thought needs to go into the buying process.

Today Cooler Master release their new Turbine Master Fan, with new innovative Barometric Ball Bearing Technology which provides longer life and lowers noise levels.

This isn’t the first time we have looked at a similar design as Enermax use the same bearing, but under a different ‘Twister’ moniker. Cooler Master have developed their own blade and frame design but with the same technology.

The benefits of this fan design are easily seen, There is a minimal internal contact area for effective noise reduction and the rotor has an integrated magnet for a frictionless and smooth motion. Additionally the bearing sleeve is self lubracating with abrasion protection for a longer lifetime.

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  • Thomas

    Stunning piece of engineering.

  • Samuel

    Great looking fan, looks like a plane engine !

  • Hank

    I will be ordering a few of these when they are out.

  • Tim

    Great design around the core motor. Price is excellent too. On my to buy list

  • Frank

    Love the appearance, awesome engineering. Looks very exposed at the rear though…

  • Joseph

    Surprised how good the price is, most average fans are a fiver with old technology in them

  • Tech head

    They stole my blade idea ! I have been thinking about this design for years, they have nailed the perfect fan design imo

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