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Asus ROG Rampage III Black Edition Motherboard

Following hot on the footsteps of the success of the ROG Rampage III Extreme, a revamped version of the motherboard was introduced at CES 2011.

Listening to user feedback from the gaming community, ASUS went over all suggestions and incorporated the best into the all-new ROG Rampage III Black Edition. It features the same specs that made the original fantastic in so many ways, and improves on it. Still onboard is the Intel X58 chipset, 4 PCIe slots which can play host to either 3-way SLI or 4-way CrossFireX graphics cards and 6x DIMM slots for up to 24Gb of DDR3 2200 (O.C.) memory, but newly added is a combination LAN/audio card called the ROG ThunderBolt.

Seen here beneath a pair of ASUS GTX580’s, the ROG ThunderBolt is a dedicated LAN and audio combo card that is designed to help improve both audio and speed performance in games.

The audio portion features a class-leading XONAR audio solution, providing incredible sound quality four times better than a regular sound card and a built-in headphone amplifier that powers up every sound detail with optimized impedance settings. With these enhancements, users can hear an enemy’s whisper-quiet footsteps and get the jump on them when gaming. Combined with fine-tuned gaming profiles, this ensures that the most immersive gaming experience is delivered straight to your ears.

The networking half features a Bigfoot Networks powered Network Processing Unit, detecting and accelerating gaming network data in real time. This not only reduces load on the CPU, slightly increasing performance for that extra little boost, but also bumps up the frames per second, which is always a nice bonus. Combined with the already gamer-renowned Rampage III Extreme motherboard, it provides superior audio and maximum networking performance to gamers.

Going back to the motherboard, there’s a new design scheme that’s been changed on the heatsinks, making it look more like a big ol’ gun, making the Rampage III Black Edition perfect for pwning noobs with. There are more changes in store for the motherboard, but we’ll have to be patient for the time being until we get more juicy details from the engineers.

KitGuru says: Asus say the feedback from CES 2011 was positive, but there is still no date confirmed for release. Hopefully it won’t be too long !

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