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Corsair A50 and A70 Coolers Review

Rating: 8.0.

KitGuru has been impressed in 2010 with Corsair’s range of products. A short while ago the Corsair AX1200 power supply walked away with our most prestigious award and is to date the highest scoring product in our reviews database with a phenomenal rating of 9.5/10.

The latest products Corsair have released are two new processor coolers aimed at the mid range and high end markets. These fall within the ‘Air Series’ of cooling products and are called the A50 and A70.

Both coolers are multi platform capable and have a copper heatpipe design with aluminum fins. They are also supplied with a proprietary rubber fan mount design and come bundled with a low noise adapter for those with sensitive ears.

The A50 is a 3x8mm direct contact heatpipe design and the higher end A70 is physically larger with 4x8mm heatpipes. The A50 is supplied with a single 120mm fan and the A70 comes with two.

Today we will compare each cooler to a range of coolers on the Intel platform to see if they are worth your money. This is a competitive market so they will certainly need to deliver the goods.

Cooler Corsair A50 Corsair A70
Heatsink Dimensions 159.5 x 124.6 x 81.2 mm 159.5 x 124.6 x 129mm
Heatpipes 3 x 8mm Heatpipes 4 x 8 mm Heatpipes
Fan Dimensions 120x25mm x 1 120x25mm x 2
Speed Selectable Fans 1600 or 2000 rpm 1600 or 2000 rpm
Air Flow 50.35 – 61.2 CFM 50.35 – 61.2 CFM (per fan)
Static Pressure 1.8 – 2.3mm H20 1.8 – 2.3 mm H20 (per fan)
Noise level 26 – 31.5 dBa 26 – 31.5 dBa (per fan)
Retail Price £43 inc vat £55 inc vat

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  • Frank

    The fan design is brilliant, about time some company sorted that out !, no fiddling about with pissy little clips. Performance is great also, quite impressed with the products. ill wait for the price of the A70 to come down a bit, i was going to buy the frio, but corsair are a better company I think for quality.

  • Terry

    Been waiting for a review of the A50 for a while now, no one has them for review by the looks of it. well apart from kitguru ! Im a little disappointed and I agree completely with the conclusion, price needs to drop Corsair.

  • Eric K

    very attractive designs, the A70 looks very very like the frio doesnt it ? pricing is a little ermm insane!

  • Death Dealer

    Both of these are great coolers, no questions about it. only thing is they need to slap whoever priced them. I dont mind paying a bit more for the corsair quality name, but come on chaps. lets be realistic here please.

  • Harry

    that fan fitting is very clever. sliding onto the actual unit and the A70 has two mounted different ways.

    Unfortunate about the pricing. the Frio at under £40 means you can save some money over the Noctua NH D14 which is still £60 in the UK. you are paying a lot more for A70. and its probably just worth putting another 5-7 quid for the noctua. You even get better fans with the noctua unit, one of which is 140mm.

  • Tim

    Corsair dropped the ball here a little, and I think the scoring on this review was generous, id give them both 6/10. They are good performers, but the pricing surely loses them a lot of points.

  • Its a diificult decision we need to call sometimes, because if we score these low just due to pricing, and the prices drop in a month, then our review needs to be rescored. At KitGuru we tend to score products on their capabilities and performance, then factor in pricing and if its too high we mention it clearly in the text within the reviews. They are hard to recommend at the current prices in the UK, however they are quailty products as would be expected from Corsair and as such they are still recommended. I am actually quite sure the prices will drop in the near future.

  • Tech head

    The Corsair AX1200 is a stellar unit which is clearly delivering something other power supplies aren’t right now. These coolers make no sense to me, they are charging a premium when really there are comparable solutions already available at a fraction of the cost. the Thermaltake Contac 29 is a case in point here. That is a bargain cooler at just over £20, and its probably just as good as the A50 at twice the price.

  • Stefan

    Bit lacking. I saw the press release for these last week and got excited. Was hoping they would be as good as the H50 is in its price bracket. Also im interested in the reviewers guides you got sent. They seriously want to compare a £43 cooler against one you get free with a CPU? sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……

  • Francois LeBon

    A50 with that fan would be a great purchase, if it was reasonably priced. Can’t believe thats more expensive than the Frio high end unit. Clearly Thermaltake and Corsair have very different views on this and im siding with thermaltake. shame, that mounting system and the fan attachment is a brilliant exercise in how to further improve the platform.

  • Brad

    Not much I can say that the peops in here have said already. nice job on the products, not so nice on the pricing

  • Flo

    I read the whole article, loved the review, great testing as always, then got to the conclusion and still dont understand what corsair are thinking, drop the price of both by £15. sell a ton of them. right now people wont buy these, the box is great, but its not worth £15.

  • Brian

    What a well balanced review. and I agree 100%. love the products. A70 in particular and while id pay a premium for corsair badge, and support etc. I wouldnt pay £17 more over a Frio for the A70. thats a ludicrous decision and I dont know what marketing monkey thought that was a great idea. Has actually pissed me off a little as I own a lot of corsair products and feel tainted.

  • Joseph Munaker

    Wow, what a rip off. Nice coolers but the pricing? its so far out its not even funny. Noctua NH D14 you can almost justify as its so much more material in it, its huge. but the A70 is basically a rebadged frio, lets be honest here.

  • HorseRadish (FR)

    Good review, I shall avoid these and get a Contac 29, seems best all round affordable cooler on the market today.

  • Fadilish

    $$$$$ – overpriced. and while good performers, not worth it. drop the price and I might contemplate

  • Trevor Stevenson

    Well this is good to read, was expecting more from the coolers for the money but nothing out of the ordinary, like the design however,t hats worth a few quid.

  • Stevenson

    id like the A70, but im not living on the planet infinite pockets. If I was spending £55 on air cooling I might as well put the rest to it and get the noctua.

  • Raymond

    I wonder why they are charging so much?

  • Riyad

    Very solid review all round, and I agree, they need to wack the price with a shovel.

  • Hakuren

    I don’t get it why every manufacturer trying to produce hundreds of products for every market possible. Take Corsair here. Great memory sticks, equally good PSU. So why they moving now toward CPU coolers, PC cases and so on. Just stick with something and improve on that. Who on Earth will pick any of two Corsairs reviewed above when you can still buy good old Thermolab BARAM for half price which can easily outperform both A50&A70 and go toe to toe vs giants like Cogage Arrow, Noctua DH14 and so on. Another proof that old doesn’t mean bad, and BARAM is 2 yo which is close to eternity on PC market… Price for both Corsairs is simply ludicrous when compared to current and older competition.

  • Riyad

    ” Hakuren. You make some GREAT points man. Couldnt agree more. I mean these are good coolers, but they really arent special enough to be justifying the cost. I forgot all about the thermolab BARAM, its right up there with the FRIO. and at even less cost too.

  • EDIT: 23 July 4.00 PM Corsair have informed us that some UK dealers are selling the products for less already so be sure to Google the coolers for your specific region. Here are some other links in the UK.

    A70 – Novatech £45.99

    A50 – Overclock.co.uk £35.88

  • Riyad

    £10 off the A70 already? wow OCUK are really ripping people off with this at £55 !!

  • Sam

    Eh? how can novatech be charging a £10 less on a product thats just released?

  • Fayid

    Found this via google search, what a great site, i will be hanging around.

  • Erv

    These now look good value at the updated prices. And as for whoever said they were a rebadged frio, have you actually looked at them? The a70 and a50 have direct contact heatpipes, frio does not….

  • MattO

    I have been using the A70 for a couple weeks now. It seems to work well, but it sure makes things pretty tight in a mid-tower case. With a MSI P55-GD65 mobo, it covered up one RAM slot. I had to remove the fins from the Dominator RAM to get it to fit, but the RAM cooler really took some work to get it to fit. Definitely look at low profile RAM if you use one of these. Again, I like the cooler, but I may look at the H50 liquid cooler next time, just so there is more room around the CPU.

  • P_Wolf

    Ehh, what fan did you use on the Megahalems since it doesn’t come with one?