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Enermax TB Silence and Apollish Vegas Fans Review

Rating: 9.0.

KitGuru staff always use the best quality fans we can find and this week we already reviewed the excellent Silverstone 18cm Penetrator.

Today we are going to look at several fans within new cooling ranges, from Enermax. The 120mm and 140mm TB Silence fans (UCTB12 and UCTB14) and a glitzy 140mm Apollish Vegas fan (UCAPV14A14-x).

Enermax T.B. Silence 14cm Fan

These are no ordinary fans, because they have a rated lifespan of 100,000 hours which is significantly more than the 30,000 to 50,000 hours quoted by many manufacturers.

All three fans we are looking at today focus on reducing noise and the UCTB12 and UCTB14 are quoted to produce only 11dBa and 15dBa respectively. The 140mm Apollish Vegas is said to emit around 15dBa. They all also incorporate Twister Bearing Technology which we will detail later in the review.

Enermax Fan UCTB12 (12cm) USTB14 (14cm) UCAPV14A14-X (14cm)
Dimensions (mm) 120x120x25 139x139x25 139x139x25
Bearing Type twister bearing twister bearing twister bearing
LED Type none none circular 18 LED light
LED Modes 0 0 7
Speed (RPM) 900 750 700 – 1500
Air Flow m3/hr 71.54 77.13 71.99 – 154.27
Rated Noise (dBa) 11 15 15
MTBF (hours) 100,000 100,000 100,000
Input Power (W) 1.8 1.8 4.8
Rated Voltage 12 12 12
Blades (9) batwing (7) turbine (7) turbine

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  • Fayid

    Nice fans, I need a few. cant believe how expensive the Vegas fan is though, over 20 quid !

  • Eric K

    The black ones are nice looking, great noise levels also. Good review, liked the unusual testing idea in this one, kept it interesting.

  • Stefan

    Heh, the video is fun, I would hate that pulsing in my room however, would drive me batshit. pun intended.

  • Tech Head

    Decent pricing on the 120mm and 140mm silence fans, cost less than Noctua fans. but are they better than noctua, that is teh question. Certainly look better thats for certain.

  • Flo

    I think ill order a few of the 120mm fans for my case, the fans in there are crap.

  • Steven

    Enermax are a qualitry company always liked their PSU;s

  • Slightly Dim

    They seem like good fans, nice noise characteristics anyways. Good review, thanks you.

  • Harold Funkmeister

    These are excellent, the glowing lighting up mega fricken cool, but its a lot of money for a fan, aint it?

  • Sam Earthbound

    Impressive fans from Enermax, didnt even know they made fans in the first place.

  • Francois LeBon

    I cant find these for sale in France? that sucks.

  • Jordan

    I’m bit freak on silence, so those fans are looking promising – I guess it is time for yet, another upgrade…

    I have so many fans that I might do some reviews 😛 and if I sell them for just few euros I might even by my self new cooler or even case 😛

  • joe

    WARNING! The air flow on the fans may be somewhat confusing as it is in m^3/h and not CFM. They are still nice fans, but just wanted to make sure people were aware of the units the airflow is in.

  • shaggy

    Do Not Buy from Frys.com. They are cheaper than anywhere else but you do not get the control module. Unless you just want the fan and the on off switch. I thought that the contol module came with it, and was kind of bummed.

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